The Hallway Makeover – Wallpaper

It’s FINALLY time for wallpaper! I’ve been dreaming of using this wallpaper for so long and this hallway makeover was the perfect opportunity! After installing new flooring, trim, and painting the ceiling/trim, I was FINALLY ready to hang this wallpaper. LET’S DO IT!

The wallpaper I’m using “Fortune” by Hygge & West. I’ve used this brand all over my house and I’m hooked!

I started out by drawing a level line to start my first piece on. When hanging wallpaper, you want it to hang over the edge a few inches. Corners aren’t always perfect, so you want to make the line yourself so your entire wall isn’t crooked.

Materials for Wallpaper

HERE WE GO! First, I rolled on the adhesive and then hung my wallpaper along the level line I made.

This wallpaper smoother is amazing. It comes with a razor. I used it to guide my cut line along the trim when finished each panel.

The view of this paper against every room up in this hallway is 🤌

I had to make quite a few funky cuts around corners and the thermostat. The wallpaper smoothing tool and razor helped a ton with that.

I reused the same roller, brush, and tray for this entire wallpaper project! To keep it all from drying out, I put it all in a trash bag over night.

For those of you intimidated by wallpapering, I had to peel off one of my panels like 4 times to get it right. It’s easily fixable – the glue doesn’t dry instantly! You have tons of time to move it around until it’s just right.

This wallpaper was a risky move…but it paid off! IT’S SO GOOD!

I took a poll on my stories and most people did NOT like this wallpaper choice when I first chose it. But after I finished, the tables turned and people’s minds were changed! I received tons of encouraging messages from people who didn’t personally like the wallpaper but think it looks great in my house and fits my style. It was SO encouraging. It can be hard to share the things you love on social media and get negative feedback. Thank you for the reassurance. It helps me to keep showing up and being me. THANK YOU!

I can’t wait to reveal this hallway makeover to you all!

– Cass

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