The Hallway Makeover – Paint

I have been dying for this dull hallway to feel full of character and inspiration. Last week for this hallway makeover I installed new flooring, baseboards, and trim! You can read more about that process here.

Here’s where we left off!

And here’s the moodboard!

Next up, I’m painting the ceiling and trim! First up, prep for paint.

I taped along all the crown moulding, smoke detectors with Frog Tape and Scotch Painter’s Tape and Plastic. I use Frog Tape because it creates such a crisp line. The Scotch Painter’s Tape and Plastic isn’t actually that sticky, so the Frog Tape is there to give it something to stick to.

I covered up all the lights too. I left the air vent as is because I have a plan to disguise that later. Also, I rolled out butcher paper to protect my new flooring.

Time to paint! I used my Graco TrueCoat paint sprayer. I love this thing. It’s best for small/medium projects. You have to refill it often, but I think it’s worth it to use this sprayer. The color I used is Anew Grey by Sherwin Williams.

Graco TrueCoat Paint Sprayer

FYI, you only have to thin your paint if you paint can tells you to! It will tell you on the back of the can. This one didn’t require thinning – but all paints are different! I sprayed all of the doors that face the hallway, the ceiling, and the trim.

Look at how satisfying it was when I peeled off the Frog Tape 😍

I found these super cute metal door signs on Amazon for different rooms in the house. I put one in this hallway for the laundry room!

Metal Signs

Look at how GOOD this looks! I can’t wait to install wallpaper for this hallway makeover!

– Cass

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