Custom Air Vent Cover

It’s time to take care of the air return vent in this hallway. I usually paint right over them, but these get so nasty and hard to clean. This ceiling has a lot going on – multiple smoke detectors, attic door, the vent, and ceiling lighting. I finished wallpapering last week and I wanted something that would make the air vent blend in decoratively and seamlessly with the rest of the ceiling. So, I bought this custom air vent cover and I’m obsessed!

Here’s what I used for this project.

First up, I just removed the old vent! It was held in by 4 screws on the inside.

Then, I cut the caulk line with a utility knife to separate it cleanly from the ceiling. This air vent cover I got is paintable, custom, and magnetic! It is wood on the front and has magnets on the back. Once I screwed in the new frame, the cover snapped right into it! I love how there are no weird grates to clean in between. I can just pop it right off when it’s time to clean it!

Next, I caulked the gap between the frame and the ceiling. Then, I painted over the vent with the same color as the rest of my ceiling – Anew Grey by Sherwin Williams.

This was a small change that made all the difference in this hallway makeover!

– Cass

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