The Hallway Makeover – Flooring

I’ve got BIG PLANS for this hallway makeover! And that includes a bold wallpaper that I’ve been dreaming of using for quite some time. I have been dying for this dull hallway to feel full of character and inspiration. First up, I need to rip up the carpet and replace this flooring. Let’s do it!

Here’s where the hallway is now:

The hallways has just felt so bleh. It leads into some really beautiful rooms. So, I couldn’t wait to make this hallway beautiful too! The carpet had to go! I decided to install the same flooring I used in the bedroom, bathroom, and closet!

Materials for Carpet Removal

I got straight to it by ripping up the carpet. I used a utility knife to score in the doorways. Then, I cut all the way through the carpet and underlayment. After that, I pried up all the staples and tack strips.

Then, I removed the baseboards by scoring the caulk line above them and prying them off with a prybar and a hammer.

I totally could have reused these baseboards, but I don’t like to neglect my baseboards. I wanted some chunky 5 inch baseboards because those details matter!


Materials for Flooring

Before I started installing the flooring, I needed to install new stair nosing. For this, I used construction adhesive and my drill!

I used Cali Bamboo in Pacific Oak for the flooring up here!

Pacific Oak Flooring

I started with my most complicated corner just to get it over with. Installing this flooring is actually super easy. But this hallway requires a lot of weird cuts.

It was looking so good already!


Next up, door thresholds! Carpet is staying in all the bedrooms upstairs so I needed some sort of divide from the hallway to the rooms. I used my multi tool to cut pieces from the door frame so the thresholds could fit snug underneath them. Then, I used lots of construction adhesive and applied some weight while the glue dried.

I love this flooring!

Next up, I’ll install baseboards and trim!

– Cass

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