Hi there, I’m Cass!

​My little family lives in a small historic town in Virginia where my husband, David, and I both grew up and met. We have two beautiful girls, Rainie and Emery, and a German Shepherd named Indy. We bought our current home about three years ago and have been slowly renovating it since!

Throughout my youth I watched as my parents restore our 1850’s home and found myself becoming interested in the process. My Mom and Nanna’s passion for decorating and antique collecting was inherited by my twin sister and I. After getting married I quickly began painting and decorating our first home. Throughout deployments I learned how to become dependent on myself to get projects done around the house which taught me some basic handy skills.

I have a huge passion for making my home with my own two hands. I love finding creative and unique ways to decorate my home on a budget, while staying true to my personal style. I believe that making a home takes time and focus. I love to share my journey and encourage others to be fearless in doing-it-yourself!