Home Gym – REVEAL!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the most perfect dream home gym that I could ever imagine. AND I can’t believe I MADE IT – from the demo/flooring to custom wall planking and electrical work. I freaking love doing this. It’s giving SEXY, don’t you think?!

I made full basement renovation plans back in 2023. You can see the plan for the whole basement here. It feels so good to be tackling these huge projects on that list!

This was the space before:

And this is it NOW 😍 I wanted to add some character and warmth to this space. I also wanted it to feel luxurious and high end but on a budget. I think this wood panel wall really accomplished that. You can see the entire installation and staining process here!

I was a little worried that I scared some people off with the wood paneling…but I’m so glad everyone stuck with me and could see where I was going with this. I can say with confidence that I am in love with this space!

Can we just take a second to appreciate this reformer next to the wood paneling?! Flexia gave me a code – if you use code CASS on flexia.com, you can get $500 off! You can also log onto the Flexia website and take classes from home. I have my very own pilates studio! It’s literally the best.

Thanks for following along with this home gym renovation. I’m so proud of this space and I can’t wait to put it to use!

Here’s everything I have in my home gym!

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