Home Gym Renovation – Plans, Prep, & Electrical

After renovating most of this space last year and making this decorative glass grid wall, I decided that I wanted to add some warmth to the space by adding some wood wall planking. I wanted to do this the cheapest way possible using plywood. This is the vibe I’m going for in the basement.

It already looked pretty good down here so I was excited to see how this would elevate the space. Here’s what the home gym looked like when we started:

Before I got started on the wood plank wall, I prepped the walls and added some new lighting down here. Let’s go!

Here’s everything I used for prep and electrical

Trim Removal

I started by removing the trim on the wall. I will put the crown moulding back up after installing the panelling!


I though it would be fun to mount mirrors and put some accent lighting between the 3 mirrors. I’m no licensed electrician, but I know the gist of what I’m doing here! I’ve learned a lot from Youtube and my father-in-law who is an electrician. First, I drilled the holes with this hole saw attachment for my lights.

This outlet at the bottom already has power running to it. So, I drew power from there to the two lights and then have one light switch for both lights.

Next, junction boxes! Wiring connects through the junction box and the light screws into it. However, the hole on the left had a stud right behind it, so I used a pancake box (on the right) which is a bit shallower and drill directly into the stud.

Finally, I installed these globe light sconces and I’m OBSESSED!

Globe Light Sconce

I’ve had this black ceiling light (left) down here. We installed it last year when we put in the DIY Grid Wall. BUT then I found this gold light (right) that I fell in love with.

It did’t really feel like I could go wrong here. So I took a poll and ended up going with the gold one! I can’t wait to get started on installing these wood planks!

– Cass

Here’s everything I wore in my stories working on this project:

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