Rainie’s Room Makeover Reveal!

Rainie’s Room Makeover is DONE! We’ve got a baby coming very soon and to make room, we had to do a big room swap. Rainie volunteered to move into our old guest room which was a total blank slate (yay for me)! She requested her favorite color on the walls and left it in my hands and I GLADLY turned it into a tween girl’s room that matches her quirky, silly, and unique personality.

I always feel emotional over the spaces I create. I put my whole heart into doing this because I TRULY love doing it. But, it also helps me to process very personal and emotional things I go through in life. Through the creativity. Through the hard work, blood, and sweat.

While this was an easier renovation, it still hits me in such a deep way. Every finished space is a reflection of the pain, joy, and growth I went through at that time in my life.

I hope it is a beautiful reminder for my children to push themselves as they watch me go through it. I watched my mom do the same thing and it was pivotal for me for becoming who I am today ❤️

This whole room swap idea was Rainie’s idea. I was so excited to give her a room she loves and to give this guest room a little more purpose. I LOVE this room and Rainie loves it too. Next up, a nursery for our new little guy!

Here is everything I used in Rainie’s Room Makeover!

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