Nursery Makeover – Plans

August is here so it’s time for a nursery makeover! We did some moving around in the house to prepare for the new baby. Rainie moved into the guest bedroom, Emery moved into Rainie’s old bedroom, and August is going in Emery’s old bedroom. You can see a little map of our home and the switches we’re making on this blog post.

This was Emery’s room before we made the switch:

Since moving Auggie in here, this is what the space looks like:

There are some remnants of Emery’s old room, I just added the crib and the glider. I want to make some subtle changes in here that will make an impact. I’ll be keeping the mural because I absolutely love it. I’ll be adding some trim work and painting the ceiling. I also want to swap out the dresser for a larger one and add some more decor and details that are personal to little August!

Here are the links to the mural, glider, and crib I already have in here! *Click image for all the links!

And here is the mood board I made for this project. I can’t wait to get started on this Nursery Makeover!

I had a ton of fun redoing Rainie’s room for this swap too. You can see the project here! I love watching our family grow.

— Cass

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