How to Hang Art on Picture Railing

I’ve had tons of people ask me to do a tutorial on how to hang art on picture railing! I have picture railing all throughout my house and I love it. You’d find it in a lot of older homes. I think it adds so much dimension below crown moulding. I just love it!

Here’s my tutorial on how to hang art on picture railing.

You’ll need:

1. Hang picture hook on picture railing

2. Hang chain on picture hook

Hang the chain on the picture hook and adjust the length.

3. Screws

Add 2 small screws on back side of your artwork if needed.

4. S Hooks

Hang S hooks where you want your art on the chain.

5. Hang your art on the chain

& that’s it!

Here are some prints I have around my house that I found on Etsy that I absolutely love! There are literally thousands of options on Etsy for downloadable prints. They’re perfect because you can customize the size of each print based on your frame. I love using more vintage frames that would be hard to find prints for.

We have so many fun pieces hanging throughout our home. You can see an artwork tour of our home in this post!

Hope this helps!


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