It’s time for the big ROOM SWAP! Baby boy is due at the end of August…which means we need to start preparing haha. The upstairs layout currently looks a bit like this (PS this is DEFINITELY not to scale lol). It’s time for Rainie’s Room makeover/room swap!

Emery has been in the bedroom closest to us since we moved in 5 ish years ago. On the back end of the upstairs hallway, there is a guest bedroom right beside Rainie’s room. Since we want to keep the baby closest to us, we decided to move Emery out of her current room and move the baby in her old room. Originally, we just assumed that it would be easiest to move Emery into the guest room since it’s already empty. But upon discussing with the girls, we opted for a different solution.

Rainie‘s room is currently baby blue and Emery has expressed to me multiple times that she is dying to have her room painted that same EXACT color. Rainie’s current favorite color for a few years now has been light green, which I have been hopefully for an opportunity to use in a space. So for the sake of not having two blue rooms side-by-side, we are going to move Rainie into the guest bedroom and Emery into Rainie’s old room, which is already blue! (New layout pictured above)

And since the guest bedroom is currently just a blank slate, I thought I’d use this opportunity to create a new design for Rainie. It’s been a while for her! I first designed her room a few years back and she has grown out of it a bit. And I love an opportunity to use some color and have some fun! Designing kid’s spaces has become one of my favorite things. And I love an opportunity to make everyone happy. This seems like the perfect opportunity to do that!

You can shop Rainie’s Room here

I asked Rainie if she had any requests for her new tween-girl bedroom and the only guidelines that she gave me were that she wanted a light green paint. This color by Farrow & Ball immediately came to mind! I’ve had this saved on my Pinterest for so long, and it stops my heart every single time I see it! Color : Breakfast Room Green by Farrow & Ball

Image | Ariel Oken

I’ve been crushing on it for quite some time, but haven’t had a chance to use it. Now is my time! Also want to bring in some texture with an upholstered bed frame. I’ve also been crushing on this gorgeous rug from Nordic Knots for so long, but never quite knew if I could fit it in our home. I showed it to Rainie and she fell in love too…so I ordered immediately. I used the rug and paint color to come up with a little mood board for the space…

I’m planning to reuse her existing dresser that I refinished a few years ago. It’s a beautiful piece and super functional. I might swap the hardware to update it a little. I also have this large gorgeous thrifted gilt mirror that I’ve been dying to use somewhere in our home. These are the main pieces that are inspiring her room. She I showed her this mood board and her reaction was so precious! I wish I had recorded it. She is THRILLED over it. She also expressed that she does want the actual final/finished room to be a surprise…which is the MOST FUN FOR ME! This means I will be designing and creating behind closed doors and surprising her when it’s finished. I CAN’T WAIT!


When designing this space, I did heavily keep in mind that I would be VERY pregnant and VERY close to having baby boy. Considering this, I decided to do a bit more splurging on pieces instead of coming up with $$$ saving DIY projects. For the sake of my well being and sanity, I will NOT be doing much in this space aside from just putting it all together. Which actually feels very refreshing! Here is a before photo of the space (it does look a bit different now, but this is how it has looked for years).

The first things I plan to do in the space are to add trim work and paint. Crown Moulding and Picture Rail trim to match all of the other spaces upstairs and add some character. Then, it will be just about paint and details! This room is going to be so fun and I can’t wait for Rainie to enjoy her new space.


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  1. You should seriously have your own tv show doing this in other peoples homes.

    I’m excited to see this project come to life, like all your projects the end result is out of this realm.

  2. Just so enjoy your mood boards and your love of color, eclectic pieces and textures- you are not predictable and I appreciate that so much.

  3. Omg, I’ve been wanting those green sheets from Anthro! Crushing so hard! Hope you end up getting those same exact ones!

    • From The Inside! It’s their slipcovered bed in Black Classic Ticking Stripe!

  4. This is so special! I love how you took both the girls’ preferences into consideration when designing their spaces! So many people don’t. I grew up with a mom who let me be VERY involved in designing my bedrooms (a new design every couple of years or so) but also waited until I was away at camp to put it all together – having input AND a surprise is the BEST!

    • Love hearing this feedback!! My mom also let me be involved and it really made such an impact on me!

  5. I love the way you incorporated Rainie’s favorite color, light green, into her new room design. The mood board looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m also a big fan of the thrifted gilt mirror – it’s such a unique and stylish piece. Overall, I think this is going to be an incredible room makeover. Great job!