DIY Thermostat Cover

The thermostat and gas shutoff switches are up in the hallway I’ve been renovating. After finishing the wallpaper for this Hallway Makeover, I wanted to try and disguise these. I can’t really disguise the gas shutoff switch since it’s an emergency switch. But I thought it would be fun to disguise this thermostat with some art. I decided to make a DIY picture frame thermostat cover!

The wallpaper already disguises the thermostat fairly well. But, I wanted to hang some modern art here as well. So I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone!

Let’s do it!

Materials for my DIY Thermostat Cover

First, I took a 1×2 and cut two pieces the same height of the frame. Then, I gave the edges a good sand with a sanding sponge.

The pieces I cut would be mounted to the wall for the frames to hang onto. So, I drilled some holes for the screws to go through and grab into the wall.

Next, I wanted to make the wood match the frame. So, I used Rub n’ Buff. I applied one coat of Rub n’ Buff. Then I brushed over it with dark stain and a bristle brush to give it some more texture.

After this, I attached the wood pieces to the wall using drywall anchors.

Then, I was ready to attach the hardware! I screwed on my tiny hinges and the magnet that came with my magnetic catch.

Next, I popped some art in and hung up the frame! They do stick out a little bit, but they just look like thick frames since I made the wood the same color!

I got a lot of questions about whether or not the thermostat can still read when it’s covered like this. That’s why I only put the pieces on the sides. This way, there’s still airflow traveling behind it!

This was such a simple project and so worth it!

– Cass

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