Painting with Handy Paint Pail!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I paint a LOT of things. And that I basically never do so without the Handy Paint Pail! If there is a product that makes my project a whole lot easier, I will make sure to never go without it!

Handy Products has an amazing collection of painting tools for a beginner or expert DIY’er. The most popular product by Handy Products is their famous Handy Paint Cup. Its an easy-grab paint cup that makes brush painting an absolute BREEZE. If you have ever painted without one, you’ll know that this is life changing! No dragging around a paint can and getting paint drips everywhere. You can carry this light cup with you as you go and conveniently re-dip your brush as you go. Their paint pails and cups even have a magnetic brush holder which is absolutely BRILLIANT!

Their upgraded version of the Handy Paint Cup is the Handy Paint Pail. This has an adjustable comfort strap to fit your hand perfectly, and is great for longer paint jobs where comfort is necessary. The paint pail liners make clean up so easy! Simply place a fresh liner in your paint pail before you put your paint in. When you’re finished, you just toss it in the trash and there is no need to wash the cup!

For the last several weeks I have been working on this hallway makeover. One of the first things I did was paint the ceiling and ceiling trim that I added. I waited until I was done hanging the wallpaper to make a decision on whether or not I would paint the remaining trim to match. Painting all of this trim took me no time at all and I had practically no mess to clean up (or paint drips on the floor)!

Moving easily around with the Handy Paint Pail and being able to easily attach my paint brush to the magnetic holder made it SO efficient and quick! Even painting the door trim up high was so simple. When I would typically be holding a heavy paint can or climbing down the step stool continuously to re-dip my brush, I had my handy little pail attached to my hand for maximum convenience and fast painting.

In addition to my favorite paint buddy (the Paint Pail), Handy Products has SO many other great products that make painting all around more fun/easy/efficient. Whether you are rolling or brushing, there is something for you. I’m currently working on stocking up my Handy Products  inventory so that I never have to go without!

Here are my favorite Handy products plus a few products that I can’t wait to use!



Paint Pail Liners

Paint Tray

Roller Cup

Roller Cup Liners

Pro Pail

Pro Pail Liners

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  1. Hi Cass! I’m curious if you have a favorite type of pant for interiors (or least favorite!)? I saw your post about your paint colors–I love the white walls with Anew Gray on doors and trim! I’m planning some home DIYs in my future and you are such an inspiration to me! Please let me know if you are able to share any tips on type of paint/brand/etc.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Elisha (California)