The Playroom Makeover Plans

I can’t wait to share all of the details for my next big room makeover with you! I plan on having lots of fun with this one. Let’s start with some current photos! (It is a MESS) Let’s jump into this playroom makeover!



The playroom is most definitely one of the hardest working rooms in our house. The girl’s play in it every single day. It is constantly a MESS. Yet, there is no storage system or any sort of organization for easy clean up. The only area of this room that has been touched is the wall by the entry door. This is where I created a built-in desk area for Rainie before the school year began. You can read more about that here!

On this side of the room there is one messy closet with lots of dress up clothes and games stored. It has a long wall with plenty of room for storage furniture. Each side of the room has a small door that lead to some small attic space that we use for storage. I would love to have a long storage dresser placed on the empty wall space with a TV over it. Some drawers would provide lots of small toy storage and still leave plenty of floor space for play.



The main focal point of this room is the window wall. I would love to optimize this space by creating some built-in storage. Closed door cabinets would be ideal for hiding all of the toys. I would additionally love to have a window seat here for the girls to read on!



Aside from storage, I would love to give this room some sort of millwork. I’m thinking crown moulding to tie in with the existing crown around the desk built-in. And most importantly…. lots of COLOR! I can’t wait to make this space into something fun and exciting for the girls. I am really going to let my creativity flow with this room. It’s gonna be so good!

I am pulling LOTS of color inspo from each of the girl’s rooms to combine into this one!


See where I’m going?? COLOR. FUN. ALL OF IT. This is just a general mood of my whole vision for this space. It is all centered around this sofa that I have been dreaming of in here for SO long.


Here is some more of my inspiration:



Studio Giancarlo Valle / JCD Custom Home Design / Summer Thornton Design


OKAY! Let’s talk plans:

  1. Source dresser for small toy storage
  2. Create built-in storage for window wall
  3. Crown Moulding
  4. Paint
  5. Furniture/Fixtures
  6. Decor/Details

I can’t wait to take you guys along for this exciting renovation! Follow along with me on Instagram ❤️


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  1. 1. Playroom designs are literally my favorite, so I’m stoked for this.

    2. I LOVE how you pulled colors from both girls’ rooms into something cohesive for this space.

    3. You’ve got this. Go Cass, go!

  2. I can’t wait to see this come together. I love all your work!
    The year of no fear! I am going to start using this! You got this!

  3. I’m so excited to what you create in this space!! I would LOVE to redo our playroom but I’m lacking the motivation. Maybe seeing what you are able to accomplish will give me the push I need to make it happen here!