Hallway Makeover Plans

I’ve got BIG PLANS for this hallway! And that includes a bold wallpaper that I’ve been dreaming of using for quite some time. I have been dying for this dull hallway to feel full of character and inspiration. Let me fill you in on all of my hallway makeover plans!

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When I first began making plans for this space, my immediate intentions were to just give it some fresh paint and new flooring/decor. I thought that this hallway just needed a simple makeover to get the job done.

BUT THEN! I was cleaning and refreshing the house after taking down Christmas decor when I decided to swap out the old vase on my piano with a Ginger Jar that I inherited from my Grandmother back in the summer. Finally I would find a home for it! I was wandering my house with the lid from that Ginger Jar in my hand (looking to find a home for it) and I set it down on my dresser in my bedroom. When I did this, inspiration immediately struck. The lid looked SOO PERFECT in that room.

I then took it around to all of the other finished rooms upstairs to see if it coordinated with them as well. Once I realized it did, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I needed a similar pattern in the hallway. I mean, this IS the room that leads into and connects all of these beautiful spaces!


I started looking for a Chinoiserie Wallpaper and remembered this beautiful paper by Hygge & West that I have loved for years. It was PERFECT! I love to add a touch of “quirky” and unusual to my spaces! Plus, the blue coordinates with all of the other colors in my house. It was a perfect match!

Knowing that the ceiling could use a contrasting color, I decided to stick with the same warm grey that I’ve used on all of my interior doors. I’ll connect it all by painting all of the hallway trim (including the crown molding and picture rail that I will install) to coordinate with the ceiling and doors. I think this will make it all feel very cohesive to the rest of the house. I had to first make sure that the wallpaper would work well with the color…and it TOTALLY does!


Currently, the only lighting source in this hallway is the ceiling flush mounts. It definitely needs some accent lighting! The little corner nook is a perfect spot for a slim console table that a lamp can live on. I’ll also add some modern wall scones to carry some cozy lighting out into the main hallway area.


I found this beautiful console table when searching for one for the nook in this hallway. Unfortunately, it it way too large a WAY too expensive. I’m thinking that I will dust off my table saw and build a dupe myself! I’ve drawn out a rough sketch already of what I’m thinking for it. I’ll be making a few tweaks to the design to make it my own. It’s been a while since I’ve built a piece of furniture and I CAN’T WAIT!

I can’t wait to get started on this! The first task on the list is to rip out that old carpet and start installing those beautiful wood floors for my new vintage runner to lay on 😍



Wallpaper – Hygge & West Fortune Wallpaper (Chinoiserie)

Runner – Vintage

Ceiling Lights – Faison 8 inch Globe Light

Wall Sconces – Auclair Sconce

Console Table – Skinny Console Table

Mirror – Beatrix Modern Accent Mirror

Lamp – Hackney Table Lamp

Vase – Artisan White Vase

Stems – Magnolia Leaf Faux Greenery Branch

Flooring – Pacific Oak GeoWood by Cali Floors

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  2. You truly have a gift! Whenever i read one of your posts it get my creative juices flowing. Would love to know the paint color/brand on the door and if you spray it on?

    Keep up the good work!