Rainie’s Room Makeover – Trim

It’s time for the big ROOM SWAP! Baby boy is due at the end of August…which means we need to start preparing haha. As I talked about in my plans for our moving everyone around in this blog post, Rainie is moving into the guest bedroom. This is my mood board for Rainie’s room makeover!

When not in use by guests, this room became a bit of a storage spaced. I cleaned it out and donated almost every piece of furniture. After clearing it out, here is the current state of the guest bedroom:


I decided to install crown moulding and picture railing in here to match the rest of the upstairs.

Here’s everything I used to install the trim:

I cut down the crown moulding and picture railing to the correct size with my miter saw. Then, I installed the crown moulding with my brad nailer.

To simplify installation for picture railing, I like to use a small piece of scrap wood to place under the crown moulding while I nail in the picture railing. Then, I slide it down as I go.

After that, I filled all the holes, corners, and visible seams with caulk! I always use a baby wipe to clean up.

Trim is done – next up, paint! I cannot wait for you to see the color Rainie chose. It’s an instant burst of serotonin!

I can’t wait for the rest of Rainie’s room makeover!

– Cass

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