Paint Color Matching at Home with the ColorReader EZ

You know when you find a cool new gadget that you are obsessed with and you want to share it with the world? That’s me right now with this special little device. It’s called the ColorReader EZ from Data Color. I can do my paint color matching right at home!



Why the ColorReader?

There have been many moments where I’ve wanted to find a paint color match to something around my house. Walls, textiles, or even a book. But, color matching yourself can get complicated. It can sometimes take hours to sort through paint swatches to find a match. I can now go around my house and color match with this ColorReader, by just touching a button! It is seriously SO COOL. And easy to use!



To prepare for having guests over the holidays, I decided to do a little room makeover in my guest bedroom. It is a small and window-less room. Right away , I knew that I wanted to have some tone-on-tone in here. I found the most perfect bed in a beautiful mossy green hue. The paint on the walls needed to be this exact color to make for a super cozy vibe.

I used my ColorReader EZ to find out a perfect paint match!

The App



I started by downloading the ColorReader app onto my phone. I then followed the simple steps to connect my device via bluetooth to my phone. Once it was ready, I placed the device flat onto my headboard. I pressed the ‘read’ button on the device and was matched to the top three paint colors. How cool is that??

Aside from the simplicity, one of my favorite features about the ColorReader is that you can also filter your paint decks when using the color match. I was able to select which paint brands I prefer using before reading my match. Before reading my color, I chose to filter down to my favorite paint brands. My results showed the matching paint colors by Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, Behr, and Sherwin Williams.



My closest match was Fig Tree by Behr but I really loved the third color match even more, Palmer Green by Benjamin Moore. It was slightly more vibrant which I felt would work better in the small, dark space. Wanna know another really cool feature about this device? You can find out coordinating colors as well! This means that once I choose a paint color in the app, I can find coordinating paint colors to go along with it. This could come in super handy to homeowners that might need some extra help finding paint colors for around their home.



I am so happy with how my room makeover turned out. My favorite part is the wall color! I can’t wait to find another project that I can use my Color Reader for. Until then, you can find me hanging out in this room gazing at the walls 😜

Paint color matching is so fun!



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