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Last time I went to the antique store, there was a piece of art I saw that I couldn’t get out of my head. Now that the DIY Second Hand Dresser was done, it was be the perfect piece for this Nursery Makeover. So I went and got it and started to put together a gallery wall.

It is the perfect color to match the ceiling! I hung all the art in this room on the picture railing I installed. I have a tutorial on how to hang art on picture railing. You can read about that here!

Gallery Wall

I decided to add some quirky, whimsical art to balance the old I’ve got going on in this nursery makeover. I don’t like there to be too much of one thing so I like to mix up my art. I had a ton of frames I’d been collecting. First, I figured out which frames I wanted to use. Like I said, I wanted a mix of old and modern.

Here are the prints I used from Etsy for this wall!

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The bright white background on this “OkiDoki” print was really bothering me – so I decided to stain it with a sponge and some coffee and it totally worked!

Over the Crib

There’s another print I found that I really wanted to go over August’s crib in a larger format. So I ordered it and I’m obsessed!

Sardines Print

Building a Frame

I made a frame for this print using 1×2’s for structure, and a decorative frame for the front.

Here are the materials I used to build this frame:

I made my cuts and assembled my frame with wood glue and corner brackets.

Then, I used wood glue to attach the print to the base frame. This may have not been the best idea but it’s what I had!

For the actual frame, I cut the trim with a bevel so the pieces could connect like this:

Then, I painted the frame using Swiss Coffee because of course I’m using Swiss Coffee!

Next, I attached the frame onto the base with my brad nailer! There was a little gap between the print and the frame. So, I used caulk to fill that gap. Then, I attached hanging hardware to the back.

I also hung this on the picture rail so that way it won’t fall. I also added command strips to keep it from shifting if he touches it.

The art in here is PERFECT. It’s the perfect mix of old, modern, and whimsical. I love it!

– Cass

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