Main Bathroom One Room Challenge – Week 1



If you’re new here…Hi! I’m Cass!

I’m a mom, wife, and fearless DIY’er. I live in Eastern Virginia with my little family. I’ve been passionate about the idea of homemaking since I was a young girl. I started trying to make our house a home when my husband, David, and I bought our first house. This started with painting and small home decor crafts. My visions started becoming bigger but our budget was still small. Once my husband began leaving home on long deployments, I realized that if I wanted to make those bigger projects happen, I would have to just do it myself. I then began, little by little, trying out new things and teaching myself to use new tools. Now, in our third home together, I have learned how to tackle MUCH larger projects. Making my home with my own two hands has become my PASSION! I love taking my big ideas and making them come to life and I hope to inspire others to do the same!




I am so incredibly honored to have been chosen as FEATURED DESIGNER for this spring’s One Room Challenge! Seriously, this has been a dream of mine ever since I learned about this event! Last year I participated in the One Room Challenge as a guest designer. I would have never thought that I would be chosen as a Featured Designer. And I am READYYYYY for how fun it is going to be! This renovation is going to be my biggest project yet!

Over the next eight weeks, I will be completely renovating a space and working with some really incredible sponsors to do it! It is such a dream to have this opportunity!


And the room that I chose to renovate is….





I am so excited to take on and transform this bathroom because it has been on the top of my priority list for quite some time. Also, this will be the BIGGEST project that I have ever done! I plan on renovating this room completely by myself (although, I may need some help because of my back injury 😜). Just about every part of this renovation is totally out of my expertise, but I am eager to learn and READY FOR ITTTTT!


Let’s take a look at some more photos of the space…



I’ll admit…it could be worse. But I seriously HATEEEE this bathroom 😅  Fortunately though, it is a great size AND offers a separate tub and shower. The double vanity is also great, but the large open cabinets drive me nuts. I am such a drawer person so this needs to be fixed! The layout is not bad either, but could use some tweaking. The one thing about this space that I do like in it’s current state is the window. It is pretty large and let’s in a ton of light!


One Room Challenge - Bathroom Before


A major pain point for me is the lack of natural light in the shower. The shower feels so small and dark, even during the brightest time of the day. The wall separating the shower and tub blocks all of the light. It feels like it sticks out too far into the bathroom as well. This has been a major obstacle in planning for my main bathroom One Room Challenge! I can’t wait to share my plans to remedy this!


One Room Challenge - Bathroom Before


You may also notice that the bathroom door situation is not ideal. It opens directly into the side of the bathtub and always feels in the way. This is another paint point for me. And every single tile/fixture has got to GOOOO. I am so ready to just rip out everything and start fresh in this space!



I am ready to take this project head on and bring some beauty, character, and function into this space. From a blah-boring-beige-bathroom….to a sophisticated sanctuary 😍

The next 8 weeks will be packed full of lots of DIY. I am so excited for my Main Bathroom One Room Challenge, but also feeling pretty intimidated because a lot of this is unfamiliar territory for me. But as usual, I plan to take it one step at a time. I expect that I will run into many road blocks and make many mistakes along the way. But that is okay! It is always okay. These are the moments that teach me the most. I am a little scared, but SUPER eager to learn new skills. I hope you are as ready as I am!


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Thanks for joining me on this Main Bathroom One Room Challenge journey!

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  1. So, so excited to see what you do with this space! I can already feel the Cass magic that’s about to happen!!! You got this! Thanks for inspiring!!!!!

    • WOOHOO!! I can’t wait to show you what I have planned!

  2. I’m so glad so many of the featured designers are doing bathroom renos! It’s really motivating me to tear out our old tile sooner than later. Ha! Can’t wait to follow along with your renovation!

    • It is so exciting!I can’t wait!Sending lots of motivation your way☺️

  3. Looooved watching this Reno unfold! What are dimensions of your bathroom?