The Hallway Makeover – Lighting & Electrical

This hallway makeover is looking so dang good! I need to do some electrical work over by the table. (Also, I built the table myself and I’m in love with it. You can read about that here!) There’s no outlet and I definitely want a lamp here!


There are a ton of battery bulbs and wireless lighting options I’ve used before. But this will be the main source of lighting in the hallway. Also, I want it to cut on with all of my lamps at 5pm and be on for hours everyday. So in this case, it’s worth it to hardwire!

Electrical would have normally come before wallpaper. BUT I have attic access so I didn’t need to cut any unnecessary holes. On my way up to the attic, I replaced the string that was hanging from the attic (it was driving me nuts) with this attic pull hardware kit!

There’s an outlet up in the attic and I have this magnetic wire fishing kit. So, I made the connection and then fished the wire down and made an outlet hole where I needed it.

I learned a lot of electrical work from David’s Dad (he used to be an electrician) and LOTS of Youtube videos!

I wasn’t able to capture everything on camera, but I’ll explain how this wire fishing thing works. I made the hole in the attic at the top of the wall. Then, I dropped this part of the magnet down the hole into the wall.

Then I used the big magnet on the outside of the wall to find it (it makes a big snap sound).

I then pulled it through my new electrical box hole and connected my electrical wire and pulled it through the wall and my junction box.

Then, I installed the actual outlet!

Switch Plates

I bought brass switch plates but they were a little TOO brass. I gave them a more antique look by spray painting them black and then applying two coats of Rub n’ Buff in Grecian Gold. Then, I coated them with Rustoleum Clear enamel.


I already had this gold lamp that’s super cute. The exact one in this picture is sold out, but I’ll link a similar one here!

BUT on my mood board, I had a much more expensive lamp. I wanted to see if I could make this one look like that one for way less! Here’s the one I initially chose….it’s over $300.

Hackney Table Lamp

I taped off the base of the light and used Rustoleum spray paint in Heirloom White just on the shade. Look how cute it turned out!

This was such an easy dupe and I love it! Next up for this hallway makeover, decor!

– Cass

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