Our Deck Makeover – Before

One of my favorite features of our home is our cute little backyard. It is a great size wrapped with a privacy fence and and covered in tall trees that provide shade and the most glorious evening atmosphere. I have been dying to get my hands on this space and make it even more dreamy and functional for us! It’s time for our deck makeover.



The first order of business is to give this deck a makeover! And by that I mean completely ripping it apart and starting over. This thing is not only rotting and damaged, but also a little small for what we would like. We would love to rebuild and expand this into something that is not only more beautiful, but also more functional and long-lasting!



We decided to work with Trex for this project! Their composite decking is extremely durable, low-maintenance, and just as beautiful as real wood. In order to maintain a wood deck, it needs to be regularly cleaned, sanded, painted, sealed, etc. takes a lot of time and also money. The benefits of composite decking far outweigh those of a wood deck! Unlike wood, you never need to worry about sanding, staining or paining – just do a simple soap and water clean twice a year. Not only does Trex decking look and feel like real wood, but it is manufactured from more than 95% recycled content including plastic film and wood scrap. So cool!

Let me share our plans with you!

We want to extend the width of the existing structure to allow more room for entertaining. Our plan is to pretty much double the width of the deck width-wise. We also plan to rework the stairs and have them turn 90 degrees so that it is a little more safe for the girls and Indy!



I LOVE a warm/deep wood tone. Incorporating that on the exterior will bring so much depth and character to the exterior! I landed on this beautiful option from Trex called “Toasted Sand” in the Enhance Naturals collection. It has beautiful deep wood grain pattern on each plank which mimics the look of real wood! It is gorgeous!



I also love the look of an all black railing. Trex offers several great railing options. We landed on the Trex Transcend Railing in Charcoal Black. This railing has some traditional and modern elements that I think will tie in perfectly with our home!


The Inspiration

Here are some outdoor spaces that have really inspired me for the overall look & feel of this outdoor space! I am really looking forward to adding contrast to the exterior of the house back here. It will be such a great opportunity for some heavy black accents, which I LOVE!


                       Shavonda Gardner’s One Room Challenge Backyard // Room For Tuesday’s Painted Carport


And to take this makeover up a notch, we are going to be using Trex’s RainEscape system to completely waterproof the patio underneath AHHH!! I am so excited for this part! This will involve installing a waterproofing system under the deck boards that collect and drain the rain into the yard. Can you even?? It’s so cool!



We have already started preparing the deck makeover by adding the new framing for the addition and removing the previous rotting boards. I can’t wait to take you along for all of the fun stuff from here on out! I’m so excited for our deck makeover. LET’S DO IT!

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  1. I love this! Thanks for all the info. I can’t wait to see it all come together. Do you know if the black gets hot to the touch?

    • Thank you! I can’t wait! The post sleeves and rails are composite, so they shouldn’t get too hot!

  2. You have amazed me since day 1 and it never ends! Honestly I love everything you’ve made with those two creative hands of yours! I told Don after you made the sofa that you need your own HGTV show….fo sho!!!!!

  3. Most manufacturers produce wood deck tiles in several different designs, so it is possible to create borders, centerpieces, feature areas etc. to suit your individual preference. Check to ensure the wood species used is a high natural durability species such as Jarrah, Ipe, Bangkirai etc. Most tiles are pre-oiled with a penetrating deck oil but regular re-oiling every 12 month or so is recommended if it is desired to retail the original wood colour as long as possible.

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  5. Hey Cass,
    I’m dying for an update on the deck makeover and am hoping Murphy didn’t pay you any unexpected visits and you’ve been able to finish it off…

    Thanks as always for sharing!

    • I will be updating on this very soon! We had lots of setbacks with the long shipping delays going on. I can’t wait to finish it up!

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  7. Great job on the deck makeover! I love how you completely ripped apart the old deck and started over to create something more beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. The use of Trex decking is a great idea, and it’s impressive that it’s made from more than 95% recycled content. The plan to extend the width of the deck and rework the stairs is also very smart and safe for your family. The step-by-step progress updates and pictures are very helpful in showing the transformation of the deck. The final reveal is stunning, and I can see why you’re glad to be finished with it so you can fully enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your renovation plans and progress with us.

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