Finding Vintage Rugs Online

I recently scored the most gorgeous vintage rugs online and I am now HOOKED.


Red Vintage Rug


If there is one good thing that I’ve learned so far this year, it’s that a vintage rug works in pretty much every room. They are beautiful, unique, durable, and can really bring a whole room together. I’ve rounded up my favorite online Vintage Rug sites that WON’T break the bank!


This is the site where I found my new living room beauty! They have tons of affordable options, and very fast shipping. My favorite thing about their site is that they do a really great job at adjusting their photos to be as accurate as possible. They even have an AR visualizer to view a rug in your space, AND they match up the colors in each rug to some popular paint colors to help you choose!


This is another new-to-me site that has SO many gorgeous choices! Their rug selection is very curated, so you wont be weeding through thousands of rugs to find good ones. They’ve already picked them for you!


I have not personally ordered vintage rugs from this site, but I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time look at this website! With TONS of great choices, great prices, and great reviews, I’m sure that you couldn’t go wrong with choosing this site to order a vintage rug!

Plus, they are having an INSANE sale right now with 70% off!

There are many more online Vintage Rug sources to choose from, but these three sites are by far my favorite choices for affordability! If you are willing to do a little more digging, and are other great options. If you take your time, you can find some great deals there too!


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