Exterior Dreaming

An exterior refresh has been on my mind lately, and I can’t help but share all of the inspo and ideas that I have for it! Let’s start with some inspiration…

image source : unknown (via Pinterest)

image source : Southern Living

I am DYING for creamy white brick, and dream green vines. And all of the little details that say, “welcome to my home”. Here is where I am starting…

While I’d love to fiercely rip off all of the beige vinyl from the sides/back/front of our house and replace it with brick…I try to remind myself that I could be much worse. So I am working with what I have while trying to save myself thousands of dollars. Here are my near future plans for our house!

1. Limewash/Masonry Paint for all of the brick (creamy white)

2. Paint shake shingles to match brick

3. New house numbers and decorative items (planters, welcome mat, etc.)

4. A window box

5. A trellis over the garage

6. New shrubs

7. Painting garage door and adding decorative hardware

8. New light fixtures

Here is a mock up that I made of my plans in Photoshop

I think that this will totally transform the exterior in the best way with what is affordable and doable right now. This also leaves us in the perfect position to one day pick up and move forward with phase 2 of the exterior, which would be painting/replacing all of the vinyl siding.

I have already ordered my new lights, and thought that I would round up some of my favorite exterior lighting that I found!


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  1. Could you please share where you purchased the home numbers? I absolutely love them!



  2. Hello,

    Love everything about this. I’ve searched high and low to no avail. Is there a way you can share where you got the house numbers specifically the “No.” sign? Would greatly appreciate it!!! Thank you in advance.

  3. Your exterior looks amazing. Where did the house numbers come from?