Bulbrite Solana Smart Bulbs

Lighting is a HUGELY important step in “making a home”. And not just finding the right lamp/fixture. I’m talking temperature, timing, location. I am pretty picky about these things to create the perfect atmosphere in my house. I was so happy when I found Bulbrite Solana Smart Bulbs.

Why smart bulbs?

If you are a lamp connoisseur and have not tried out smart bulbs yet, you are truly missing out. They make life so much more efficient. I would previously go around turning on 7-10 lamps at dusk every single day. Now they all turn on automatically at dusk, and turn off automatically at bedtime (or when I tell Alexa to turn them off).



Bulbrite sent me these Solana Smart Bulbs, and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE THEM! I love being able to set a schedule/routine for my lighting each day (and customize it for specific days of the week). But one feature that is still blowing my mind, is that you can also adjust the temperature of the lighting with these bulbs. MIND blowing, right?!?



The setup for these magical bulbs is super simple. You download the Bulbrite Solana App, screw in your bulbs, and set them up in the app. From there you can create your routines and also create what is called a “scene”. This is another mind blowing feature!

A scene would allow me to have the lighting dim and/or change temperature on command. For example, I can make my lighting dim at 75% and change the temperature to slightly warmer, and then save that as a scene called, “Dinner Party”. Is your mind blown yet, too??? You can even set your scenes to be on a schedule (have your lights dim automatically in the evenings to wind down before bedtime). I will definitely be trying this one! I sometime have a hard time getting the girls to calm down and settle before bedtime. This would be such a cool feature to use to help remind them that it’s time to chill, while also actually helping them to chill



They’re compatible with Alexa!

These bulbs also have the ability to be compatible with Amazon Alexa and/or Goggle Home. Another huge plus! So basically, I am sold on these bulbs forever and ever. And I will most definitely be adding them all over the house so that I can control the temperature and schedule all from this cozy spot on my sofa.



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  1. Hi! Curious whether you’ve found a battery operated or rechargeable bulb that works without an electricity hook up and connects to an app or Alexa?

  2. Hi!

    What kind of tree is in the background, and where did you buy it? It looks so nice! 🙂