Basement Drink Station

I didn’t even know I needed a drink station in my basement until now! Last year, I installed this Elkay Water Dispenser. After doing a full makeover on my basement stairway, I decided to build a table under the water dispenser. Of course that escalated into buying a nugget ice machine and now we have a fully functioning and stocked drink station in our basement!

Nugget Ice Machine

For the nugget ice machine, I was limited on size since I didn’t build the table around the ice maker. This was the most compact one I could find that I liked.

Nugget Ice Maker

The only thing about this ice machine is that the water reservoir would be difficult to refill. So here’s what I did!

I bought this wooden tray for the ice maker to sit on. Then, I have these heavy duty drawer slides (they hold up to 100 lbs.) so the tray can slide out and we can easily refill!

The tray wasn’t totally flush on the bottom so I filled in the space will scrap hardboard I used on the console table.

Then, I just screwed in the drawer slides! The screws popped through just a tiny – but that’s okay because you can’t even see them when the ice maker is on the tray.

The handle on the ice maker was rose gold – which I don’t totally love. So, I decided to rub n’ buff it so it would look more like antique brass. I always spray paint slippery surfaces (like this handle) before I rub n’ buff so the wax can adhere.

I don’t have an outlet behind this console table so I went with a power strip for now. But I’ll definitely be building an outlet for the nugget ice maker and the lamp.

Finally, I stocked the drink station!

Here’s everything I used to style and stock this space!

I put Better Days in my drink station drawer and it looks like I took the packets to the hardware store and color matched it. It matches the console table perfectly! I love Better Days so much. They are a great source of greens (and the best tasting greens I’ve ever tried!).

I ordered these on my own a while back and I’m hooked. You can use my code CASS15 for 15% off your order!

The drink station was put to good use so quickly! It’s the perfect addition to my basement office space that I did’t even know I needed!

For those of you following along in my stories, you know building this DIY Console Table was a nightmare to build. But I can confidently say I love it! See the whole process here.

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