My Favorite DIY’er Tools

OKAY OKAY. You guys have been asking, so here it is. A glorious post filled with all of my favorite, ride or die, go-to, DIY’er TOOLS!

But first, let me just preface with some uplifting thoughts for those of you that may be feeling nervous or scared to use these weird and complicated tools that can send you to the emergency room. Here is my public service announcement to you : EVERYTHING NEW IS SCARY.

But for real. Don’t let being scared keep you from trying new things. DO it scared. But do it carefully. And yes you WILL mess up. But it WILL be okay. Everything is new at some point. And how the heck are we supposed to get good at doing something if we don’t try anyway?? I promise, it gets easier!

Alright, here is my list. These are just my favorite tools. There are so many more amazing tools that I have used and swear by. If you are looking to build up your tool inventory, these are my recommendations!


This is the drill that I have and it is just all around great. It gets used more than any other tool that I own, so I can speak for the quality being great!


This drill set is a great option for anyone that does not have a collection started. All of these tools come in handy pretty often and it is much easier to get it all together rather than having to purchase separately. Plus, it’s SUPER affordable.


I truly think that this is my favorite handheld power tool to use. It gets more use than I ever thought it would. Probably because I look for excuses to use it LOL. Also, do yourself a favor and get a battery operated nailer like this! TRUST. ME.


This orbital sander is a great-all-around sander for most sanding projects. I don’t have one of these, but my Dad does and I borrow it frequently!


If you follow along with my DIY’s, you have probably seen me using this mouse sander a few times. This is a great option for a sander, too! It’s cheap, easy, and perfect for small sanding jobs! If you are a beginner DIY’er, starting off with this sander would be a great idea!


Beginner DIY’ers, this saw is a great option to get your feet wet with cutting. Start here, and then upgrade to other saw options for your more advanced projects!

I used to be SO SCARED of this thing. And now I catch myself getting a little *too* comfortable with it. The one that I use is not a sliding/compound saw (it only cuts straight down and doesn’t slide like this one). But I wish that it was which is why I linked this one (mine is the standard version of this). You can do many more cuts with this option, so it is totally worth it!


Another one that I was pretty scared of at first. These are great to have if you plan doing a lot of wood working. Having one with power, like this, is key. I used this saw with my clamps/straight edge to get most of my cuts for my closet built in! I would recommend building up to this saw after getting your feet wet with a miter saw!


I don’t have this saw but I WANT IT SO BAD (ahem, David). I have used my Dad’s table saw before, and it was amazing. I’ll just keep dreaming of the day that I can have this one in my garage to tackle allllll sorts of DIY’s! While this saw has a lot of ability, it also has some limitations. I would not recommend starting with this saw if you are a new DIY’er. You can pretty much do anything you need with a miter and circular saw. This would, in my opinion, be the next level up from those!


THESE CLAMPS are necessary. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without clamps. I use them SO often. It is truly like having another set of hands with you to help!


These sawhorses are great because they are plastic. Which means that if you accidentally cut into one with your saw like I did, it’s no biggie. Plus, its way easier to carry them and set them up!

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