DIY Frame TV

The Frame TV by Samsung is an item that was on my wishlist for so long. But I did not want to spend thousands on a new TV to replace the perfectly good one that I already had. So, I decided to make my own DIY Frame TV! I made mine for just $50 and here’s how I did it!

Mounting my TV with this slim mount helped me to get it close to the wall. I also found a great app on my Fire Stick called – PixArtGallery (available for Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV). This gave me so many options for displaying artwork on my TV! Another app called Artcast is also a great option.


Here is how I made my DIY Frame for my TV:



Miter saw (or miter box)


90 degree angle clamp


Rub n’ Buff

1×2 pine (Two 3 inch pieces)

Brad nailer (for attaching the hanger)

I measured the inside frame of my TV. This would end up being the exact size of the inside of my frame! I then went to Home Depot to find the perfect molding, and settled on this. I wanted one that mimicked the shape of an antique frame. I added four inches to the end of each measurement to allow for my angled cuts and had my four pieces cut at Home Depot for me!

I then laid out my four pieces and measured. The four pieces need to be cut the EXACT same way with the outside of the molding being the longest. Each piece will have 45 degree angled cuts. I measured the inside of the molding pieces to mark the measurements from my TV (allowing at least 1.5 inches on each end). I marked my measurement on the inside of the molding ONLY. I then used my miter saw (you can use a miter box if you do not have one) to make my angled cuts. Remember, angled outward on each end and longest side is the outside! This can get confusing, especially if you are nervous around a saw. If you commit to keeping each piece of molding placed the same way, and bringing the blade down to your mark, then you should be golden!

I bought this 90 degree angle clamp from Home Depot and it was so necessary for this project! Each corner needs to be clamped for at least one hour. I placed my pieces together on my dining room table and got ready for the epoxy (make sure to place something under your frame to protect your surface from the epoxy)! After positioning my pieces, I placed the corner clamp on my first corner. I brought the two angled edges to meet, and then tightened the clamp. Once the fit was perfect, I loosened one side so that I could apply the epoxy. This makes sure that you can quickly tighten the clamp without having to adjust once the glue is on. I followed the instruction for mixing a small amount of poly, applied it to one piece, and then clamped my corner. I allowed this to sit for 1 hour to fully cure, and repeated on all corners of my frame.

My frame was now ready for paint!

Side note: If you followed along in my stories when I did this, you’ll know that I experimented with different techniques for clamping and constructing this frame. This tutorial is my favorite technique (and most simple) that I tried.

After spray painting my frame with my favorite spray paint, I began to tape of the section that I wanted to be gold. I really love the look of a black and gold vintage frame. I am so glad that the molding that I chose allowed me to do this part!

Painting Molding for Frame TV

Using gold/brass spray paint is also an option for this. But I love the vintage look that Rub n’ Buff gives, so I decided to apply that to the middle of my frame! I used the Antique Gold finish. Typically, it is applied with your finger tip. I used a craft brush and it worked great. After applying this and letting it dry, my frame was ready to hang!

Measurements for DIY Frame TV

I got my two small pieces of 1×2 ready and measured the top of my frame to find the center, and then marked. I also marked the center of one of my wood pieces. I then positioned my two wood pieced together to make a L shaped hanger after making sure that it would fit over the edge of my TV. I used two brad nails to attach them to each other.

Attaching L Shaped Hanger

My next step was to attach my L shaped hanger to the frame. I made sure to measure the top edge of my TV first. This was how far away from the inside edge of my frame that I attached my hanger so that the frame covered the edged of my screen. I secured it here with three brad nails. Make sure that you nails are long enough to go through your wood and into your frame, but no too long so that they don’t go through your frame!

DIY Frame TV

And that’s it! My TV now looked like a Frame TV for under $50! WOO HOO!!

***If your TV has a sensor that is blocked by your frame, you may consider marking your frame and using a drill bit to drill a hole straight through your frame so that the sensor can be functional. The inside of your hole can be painted to match your frame.

DIY Frame TV

Here are all the products I used for my DIY Frame TV.

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  1. Bravo to you! 👏👏👏👏 Thank you so much for sharing this amazing diy.

    • I love this so much I have been looking into frames and this is my favorite, what I’m trying to figure out is it looks like the frame needs to just be gold and the black accents come from the TV itself? Is that the case or do I have to paint black and gold to get this look, by the way if anybody asks about hiding the course I have a great solution for that I could share with you just let me know

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial! I’ve been pining for a Frame TV but couldn’t justify that price tag. This is perfect! Thank you!!!

    • I’d like to see this from the side also!! It looks great from the front but my TVs can be seen from the side as well!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! The cost of the frame TV is absurd especially considering how s#%+! Samsung products usually are (documented reviews and personal experience.) I’m thrilled to have the option to make something aesthetically pleasing, workable, and for like $400. Just wish the cords could be hidden like The Frame when things are wall mounted.

  4. Hello, I love this idea. Does this mean you have to leave your TV on all day to show the art? I too would love to get a frame TV but do not want to spend that kind of money! Thank you!

  5. Hi!

    What kind of tree is in the background, and where did you buy it? It looks really nice!

  6. Hi-

    I need to try this! Thank you. Also where did you get your console table from I’ve been searching for a similar one.